*17/11/2016 You are more than welcome to connect your DSTAR repeater,hotspot or dongle to xReflector 146.....*17/10/2016 First xReflector in Cyprus active!!! XRF146.....*22/07/2016 Today i will be active in PSK,CW and if there is good propagation in SSB from 15:00 UTC and for many hours!!!(preferably in 15m early and then 30m).....*18/07/2016 From now on i can confirm QSO's via LoTW,eQSL,HRD Log.....*16/07/2016 This time of the year i am chasing sporadic Es in 6m band.....*17/11/2015* Το SV1JRF-10 δουλεύει ξανά στην Λεμεσσό της Κύπρου.....


Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Καλώς ήλθατε! / Welcome!

Καλώς ήλθατε στην προσωπική μου ιστοσελίδα/blog.

Welcome to my website/blog.

73 de SV1JRF

Friday, December 16, 2016

Εξετάσεις απόκτησης άδειας Ραδιοερασιτέχνη στην Κύπρο

To Υπουργείο Μεταφορών, Επικοινωνιών και Έργων της Κύπρου ,ανακοίνωσε την διεξαγωγή εξετάσεων για την απόκτηση άδειας ραδιοερασιτέχνη. Περισσότερες πληροφορίες στα παρακάτω λινκ και στον όμιλο Ραδιοερασιτεχνών Κύπρου. 

Thursday, December 15, 2016

MYVOIPAPP - MiniSip Server Review

I downloaded and used the free trial of this amazing SIP Server application. At first I was looking into the freepbx but I just wanted something more easily configurable and maintenance free. Also something that it would be more user friendly even to someone that is not a computer/networks expert.
After looking around I came up with MYVOIPAPP that distributes the MINISIPSERVER application for windows and linux. I installed the server to a windows PC as a test and I had a VOIP system up and running within 10 minutes. Not much knowledge required as the server’s software interface is very easy and anyone with just a little bit of computing knowledge can configure it.
To create extensions is also very easy! But I did not stopped there. I wanted to test the server under a linux operating system and so I did. Well I have to tell you the truth that I think that in Linux the server runs even more smoothly. The testing Linux machine was just a Raspberry Pi 3 with a 8GB card just because I did not had any 4GB cards around at the time of the test. The interface is exactly the same as in windows so I did not had any difficulty making the configuration.
I suggest you to give it a try! I think the best SIP Server available out there!


For more information please click below.


Thursday, November 17, 2016

Kenwood TH-D74 Extended TX mod (MARS)

After this mod your rig will be able to TX from 136Mhz to 174Mhz and from 410Mhz to 470Mhz. Proceed at your own risk.

The mod concerns the EU version of the traansceiver TH-D74E

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

XRF146 - The first DSTAR xReflector of Cyprus

Instructions on how to connect to the first Cypriot xReflector.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Το πρώτο award από τον ΟΡΚ

Με χαρά έλαβα σήμερα το πρώτο μου βραβείο από τον ΟΡΚ, "ERRICOS LANITIS" . 

73 de 5B4AMD

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Blog/Webpage link exhange

Όποιος συνάδελφος επιθυμεί να βάλει ένα λίνκ του blog μου στο δικό του θα βάλω και εγώ αντίστοιχα στο κουτάκι Friends Blog List. Στείλτε μου ένα email στο


If any amateur radio operator would like to add a link of my page to his/hers website or blog i will add a link of his/hers page to my Friends Blog List which is located at the left of the blog. Send me an email at


Monday, November 7, 2016

Icom 746 CI-V Remote Port failure

Icom 746 non-pro

The Icom 746 series is a very well made transceiver but as in all transceiver ,whatever the brand, it has some minor issues. One of these issues is the possibility of a dead CI-V port. This can happen due to specific reasons, which are the following:

Monday, October 17, 2016

Create/install a DSTAR xReflector using Raspberry Pi

Instructions on how to create a xReflector for Debian 7 and on versions. The following instruction created after reading the original instructions from LX3JL and adding some owned suggestions.


The software packages for Linux are tested on Debian7 (Wheezy) 32 and 64bit or newer. Raspbian Jessie with Pixel works very well in a RPi 2 or 3 (even better)

xReflector 146 C.A.R.S.

Dear all,
the first ever xReflector servicing Cyprus digital amateur radio community is now true. Cyprus Amateur Radio Association installed and registered the first xReflector in Cyprus. The XREF146 is connected with XREF145(Greece) ,but in special ocassions will be operating autonomously for Cyprus only.
Whoever holds a DSTAR hotspot in Cyprus it is advised to be connected to XREF146 under the address 

DSTAR Network architecture

The XREF146 dashboard is located in the following address:

73 de 5B4AMD